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“I absolutely love this product there is not a flavor that is not fantastic. Living in the United States I am happy that you have an online presence and can order this wonderful water through Amazon.”



“I have a son that is disabled and he cannot handle very many soda pops other than maybe ginger ale but once he tried this he has thoroughly enjoyed it.

We purchase a few at a time at Bulk Barn in Brantford. Is there anywhere that we can buy a case of it locally? Or only on line? Shipping I would imagine would cost a lot?”

Cherry is our favourite!!


“I now buy bottled water as I cannot stand the taste of chlorinated water. But could only get it with artificial sweeteners. But noticed the blue bottles, and thought I’d give a try (good choice to make it stand out with blue bottles). Now it is a regular item.”

- Bob Lewicki


“I absolutely LOVE Canada Pure I have it everyday at lunch!! It is the BEST drink I have ever had!!! You should make a strawberry kiwi flavor that would taste good!! LOVE IT!!

I just bought a couple of your bottles at Bulk Barn. I bought the orange & lemon/lime flavour. I really enjoyed them a lot. Being a diabetic as well was happy to see that they were recommended for diabetics. Will they be available in more grocery stores soon? Thank you and I look forward to enjoying other flavours soon. We are thoroughly enjoying Canada Pure”

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