Product Specifications

Don’t let the subtle bubbles fool you. We’re not your average flavoured sparkling water. Canada Pure embodies everything you enjoy about soda pop without the artificial additives, the less than stellar aftertaste and unnatural colours.

Fresh fruit flavours you only get straight from the branch/vine were non-negotiable. With that in mind, we crafted a delicious sparkling water that’s truly the real deal when it comes to good-for-you ingredients. You know, the kind of ingredients you can actually pronounce.

With a moderate amount of natural sweetener and a short list of ingredients your mother would approve of, our sparkling water is ideal for any occasion.

Whether you need a quick refreshment or you’re hydrating after a solid workout, you can count on Canada Pure to quench your thirst.

Our Flavours

The decision on which flavours to develop hinged entirely on what our customers wanted and our ability to give our chosen fruit flavour justice. We wanted to improve upon the tried and true combinations and bring out more distinctive flavours. We are proud to offer the following five flavours:


” To thy own self be true. “


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